When I came into work yesterday Marlon was back.

He had missed a few days as he and his wife had their beautiful baby boy. (I forget his name)

Everyone was gathered around the pictures — I did my best. “He’s so cute.” Actually, I think I did alright — Even did my usual bit about, “who’s the father?”

Fathers always offer a polite laugh at that. There must be something that compels me to say the same stupid joke every time I see a newborn. – Someone must have  laughed at it once. Now I’m like the skateboarder who just keeps trying the trick over and over and I’m totally shocked when I fail to land it. Surely those guys must have landed this totally awesome, kick-ass move once in their lives. – Now, like me – unable to let it go – they look like idiots over and over.

Whatever – so I wasn’t funny – at least I looked – at least I offered something for everyone to laugh politely about — instead of saying, “wow, he lived – that’s shocking — it’s a lot like the opposite of what happened with Will and Tiger.”

2 thoughts on “Congratulations”

  1. I think I’m the one who laughed darlin’. I do every time.

    You were good to make the joke. The truth is that it didn’t hide anything. With you standing there, you were not the only one thinking about Will and Tiger- it crossed a few other’s minds that YOU were looking at a picture of a newborn… and making a joke.


  2. Hi Sooze, I just found your blog (via GlowInTheWoods). I’m so sorry to read that you’ve lost two beautiful boys. I’m so sorry that a huge part of your family will always be missing. I too know your loss. My husband and I have had and lost three beautiful children. A girl and two boys. I hope blogging and sharing with other baby-lost parents is helpful to you. ((hugs))

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